Financial Assistance to the Institutions

Financial Assistance

   Financial Assistance to the Institutions


1.1.           Al-Badar Quraan Academy, Lehtrar Road, Islamabad.


Al-BadarQuraan Academy is atraditional institution of Quraan teaching including simple recitation (naazra) &Tafseer in the vicinity of rural area of Islamabad.


1.2.           Al-Ilm Foundation, Rawalpindi.


Al-Ilm Foundation consists of three educational institutions; providing blended education of Islamic and modern sciences in the region. The names of institutions are Jamia Usmania, Jamia Siddiqia and Jamia Ayesha Lil Binat.


1.3.           Al-Khidmat Foundation, Rawalpindi & Mansehra.


Al-Khidmat Foundation (AKF) is a well known nongovernmental organization that provides humanitarian services across Pakistan. Orphan Care Program is a leading program of Al-Khidmat Foundation, Rawalpindi which facilitates the orphans boys &girls under one roof and gives them a family environment. Al-Khidmat Foundation schools, Mansehrafacilitates the orphans boys &girls of different grades and areas.


1.4.           Bint-i- Nazir School, BharaKahu, Islamabad.


Bint-i-Nazir school has been established by an US return woman in the memory of her father named Nazir; is providing modern education as well as Islamic education either free of cost or very nominal fee charged.


1.5.           Dua Welfare Organization, Rawalpindi.


Dua Welfare Organization is running a school in slump area near Dhoke Ali Akbar Rawalpindi. The school is promoting literacy and primary education to the children from the neglected and lower income group.






1.6.           Dukhtaran-i-Islam Academy, Murree.


Dukhtaran-i-Islam Academy is modern Islamic institute for girls, providing the formal education together with Islamic teachings. College fee is subsidized; however there are some poor students who cannot afford fee is under sponsorship of DSF.


1.7.           Ghazali Education Trust, Lahore.


Ghazali Education Trust’s Orphans Support Program is sponsoring 45,000 students out of the total 98,000 students in its 700 schools spread in 36 districts of Pakistan.


1.8.           Hassan Academy Special Education, Rawalpindi & Islamabad.


Hassan Academy is an educational institution in the twin cities of Rawalpindi & Islamabad for the normal & special children. Hassan Academy imparting education in special children through mix classroom of normal & formal schooling. At its 3 campuses viz Gulshan Abad, Adyala Road Campus, Peshawar Road Campus & Islamabad Campus.


1.9.           Jamia Arbia ZeenatulAloom, Lakki Marwat.


Jamia Arbia Zeenatul Aloom is a religious educational institution of boys & girls in Lakki Marwat District; KPK. Teaching of Quran including simple recitation (naazra) & Hifz e Quran are the main objectives of it.


1.10.       JamiaDarul Islam, Joharabad, District Khushab.


Jamia Darul Islam is an educational institution of blended education of modern schooling and Madrasa education. It is unique as blended education from grass root level.


1.11.       JAQ Education Trust, Islamabad.


JAQ (Jamshed Akhtar Qureshi) Education Trust is running the educational institutions with the name of Pehli KiranSchool System (PKSS), which aims to provide the quality education to the children of the oads and slumps area of the capital city Islamabad. These schools are promoting literacy and primary education to the children belonging to the aforementioned areas.

1.12.       Kashmir Islamic Academy, BharaKahu, Islamabad.


Kashmir Islamic Academy is an educational institution for women; providing blended education of Islamic and modern sciences to the girls of the region of hilly areas.


1.13.    Madrisa Jamia Dar ul Islam, Khanewal.


Madrisa Jamia Dar ul Islam is areligious education institution. Teaching of Quraan including simple recitation (naazra) &Hifz e Quraan are the main objectives of it in District Khanewal.



1.14.       Nefes School System, AJK.


Nafes School System under the umbrella of Peace Relief International, (PRI); is an educational institution providing formal education with all needs accessories viz books, uniforms, shoes etc to the kids of “paper pickers” of slump area of surrounding of Lehtrar Road, Islamabad. It has been shifted to PRI, AJK.

Government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir has recognized the financial help given by DSF during reported year.