Dr Sadaq Foundation
About DRSF

Introduction & Summary

Dr. Sadiq Foundation (DSF) was established in 2010 under the “Trust act 1882” by the Founding Trustee/Chairman Dr. Muhammad Sadiq Rahmatullah Aleh (1950-2020). It is governed by a Board of Trustees comprising the following:

  1. Salman Sadiq, Trustee/Chairman
  2. Sadia Sadiq, Trustee/Vice Chairperson
  3. Asif Zubair Sadiq, Trustee/Secretary General
  4. Rasheeda Begum, Trustee

DSF started its formal functioning on joining its 1st Secretary Syed Wasim Ahmed Zaidi in 2010. DSF is an NPO (Non-Profit Organization) serving the humanity. 1. DSF has multiple welfare projects operational since its inception. DSF-BBH food project in Benazir Bhutto Hospital which provides three times food to patients daily average 400. 2. In June, 2014, DSF started a Dispensary in a rural area of Dheri-Chakri for general public. In June 2016, 2nd Dispensary was opened in Mial village on weekly basis. Both dispensaries are free of charge of GP consultation & medicines issued to the patients. Approximately 50,000 patients per annum are benefited from these dispensaries. 3. Vocational Education and Skill Development also has its own significance. Considering its importance, DSF is patronizing two Skill Development Centers in UC Sial Chakari and in Chak Jalal Din, Rawalpindi.

Mission Statement