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PCP Certification

PCP Certification

PCP Certification: Process Completed


PCP Audit team consisting of 2 members headed by Mr. Mustafa Javed, ACA & Financial Analyst visited DSF Secretariat on June 5, 2018 and conducted detailed audit as part of certification process. Audit team visited field projects too viz DSF-BBH Food Project in Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH).Initially, certification was deferred for 6 months in its panel meeting assigning the PCP for detailed grand verification of beneficiaries either individual or institutions. Thus, DSF provided 100% data of beneficiaries with CNIC’s numbers &list of institutions. A team of PCP accompanied by Secretary, DSF visited almost all the beneficiary institutions for verification of premises, functionality and strength. All sites verified satisfactorily. Certification panel, in its subsequent meeting, certified DSF for 3 years by awarding 929 marks out of 1000 which stands92.90 % Marks. Al-hamdulillah.


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